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Research and Reports

Alumni Opinion Survey Results **

The Penn State Alumni Association routinely conducts research of our alumni and members on a variety of issues to help improve our programs and services and inform decision-making.

Affiliate Group Endowments

All of the Alumni Association's affiliate groups—chapters, societies, interest groups, and program groups—do amazing work on behalf of alumni and Penn State. And they are equally committed to helping students succeed. Among the best evidence of this commitment is student scholarship support. Check out this Affiliate Group Endowment Report, which details in real dollars the amount of endowed scholarship giving that Alumni Association groups have achieved to date.

Strategic Plan 2013-2015

The Alumni Association's two-year, seven-point Strategic Plan provides a roadmap for the future focused on enhanced membership service, organizational growth, crisis impact management, strengthened alumni engagement, relationship development with key constituencies, and financial security. Click here to see the complete Strategic Plan 2013-15.

Strategic Plan 2008–2013

On June 30, 2013, the Alumni Association completed its five-year, 11-point Strategic Plan focused on enhanced member service, organizational growth, student engagement, staff development, and financial security. Click here to see the complete Strategic Plan 2008-13.

Annual Report to the Board of Trustees


**  The Penn State Alumni Association follows market research standards on confidentiality and reporting. As such, all individual responses to our surveys are kept confidential and anonymous. Alumni and members are under no obligation to participate in any research undertaken. Candid feedback is encouraged, valued and important to our continued growth.

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