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Alumni Council Elections


2017 Alumni Council Candidates

  Tracey D. Baker ’93 H&HD  
  A. Michele Blood ’96 Bus  
  Matthew D. Broad ’99 Bus  
  Michael F. Catino, P.E. ’70 Eng  
  Todd Dietrich ’04 IST  
  Ira N. Gross ’86 Bus  
  Joshua R. Hoch ’09, ’14g IST  
  John Hook ’82 DUS  
  Thomas E. Kapelewski ’82 Eng  
  James W. Lawrence ’03 Bus  
  Shawn Manderson ’03 IST  
  Kristen McMullen ’89 H&HD  
  Trisha Fehlinger Mikita ’00 EMS  
  Fran Parisi ’96g Edu  
  Andrew J. Santacroce ’88 Sci  
  Jonathan C. Savage ’82 EMS  
  Joseph A. Sbaffoni ’73 EMS  
  Melissa Schipke ’09 Bus, ’09 Com  
  Gregory F. Scott ’92 Harrisburg  
  Samuel Settle ’12 Lib  
  Guillermo J. Silva-Wiscovich ’90 Sci  
  Todd C. Simmens, Esq. ’94 Law  
  Bradford M. Simpson ’03 Lib, ’06g Harrisburg  
  Commander Thomas A. Ulmer, ’96 Lib  
  James M. (“Jay”) Weitzel Jr. ’74 Lib  
  Lawrence J. Wess ’74g, ’00g EDU  
  Michael S. White ’07 Bus  
  Heather M. Wolfe ’14 H&HD  

Beginning May 8, 2017, the Penn State Alumni Association will hold its annual election to elect 10 individuals to serve on Alumni Council, the Alumni Association’s governing body, for a three-year term commencing July 1, 2017.

The 2017 election of Alumni Council members will take place online from May 8–31, and the results will be announced on or about June 1. Ballots and voting instructions will be emailed on May 8, 2017, to all alumni members for whom the Alumni Association has an email address.


Who can vote in the 2017 Alumni Council election?

All Alumni Association members entitled to vote in Alumni Association elections (as defined by the Amended and Restated Alumni Association Mission and Bylaws) shall generally vote by email. To vote online, we must have your email address. If you do not receive our monthly e-newsletter AlumnInsider or emails about our events and programs, we probably do not have your email address on file. You can add or delete your email address—or other information such as your street mailing address—online.

Paper ballots will be provided to members on request by contacting the Alumni Association’s Volunteer Services team. Paper ballots must be returned prior to May 31, 2017.

Who can be a candidate in the Alumni Council elections?

Nominations for the 2017 election have closed. Selection criteria for 2017 can be found here. Please refer to the bylaws for the specific requirements to be a candidate in future Alumni Council elections.

What is the process for candidacy?

Alumni Association members who are interested in being elected to Alumni Council in the 2018 election can download a PDF of the Alumni Council Nomination Form. (Please note that an individual interested in being a candidate for Alumni Council may either be self-nominated or be nominated by a third party.)

Each nomination form should be complete and forwarded via email to the Volunteer Services team of the Alumni Association on or before Jan. 15, 2018. Nomination forms that are not completed in full by a nominee prior to the deadline will not be eligible to be considered by the Nominating Committee for inclusion on the election ballot.

The Nominating Committee will report a slate of candidates to the Alumni Council as soon as reasonably possible after its work is completed. All candidates will be notified, whether or not such individuals have been selected by the Nominating Committee to stand for election. For those individuals selected to stand for election, the Alumni Association staff will work with each candidate to procure biographical information, photos, and position statements for use on the election ballot.

Is the Alumni Council election the same as the Penn State Board of Trustees election?

No. These two elections are both held in the spring of each year and Alumni Association members are generally eligible to vote in each. But otherwise, they are completely separate elections for very different governing bodies. Information about the Penn State Board of Trustees members and its election process is available at the BOT website.

Does the Alumni Association endorse any alumni candidates for the Alumni Council or Board of Trustee election?

No. Alumni Association policy is to refrain from publicly endorsing, supporting, or campaigning to elect individual candidates to the University’s Board of Trustees or to Alumni Council. The Alumni Association takes the position that all candidates whose name appears on the election ballot for the University’s Board of Trustees and the Alumni Council are worthy of consideration; thus, the Alumni Association would not recommend one or more specific candidate(s) to its large and diverse body of alumni.

Moreover, alumni groups affiliated with the Alumni Association also refrain from endorsing specific candidates. The Alumni Association does, however, promote the full slate of candidates for each election in order to encourage greater University alumni participation in both elections and encourages its affiliate groups to do the same.


Contact our Volunteer Services team at or 800-548-LION (5466), option 3.

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