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Alumni Council Elected, Appointed Members 2015-18


2015 Election Results*

  Alumni Council Candidates Votes
  David J. Paterno ’88, ’91g Eng 5,135
  Elizabeth Ann R. Morgan ’87 Sci 3,657
  Bradley J. Mitchell ’84 Eng 3,274
  Karen E. Keller ’00 Sci 3,042
  Susan Beck Wilson ’71 Edu 3,028
  Laurie Anne Stanell ’80 Sci 2,943
  Michael S. Kirschner ’66 Bus 2,941
  M. Toni Knoll ’70 Lib 2,856
  James H. Smith ’88, ’92g Eng 2,658
  Gary L. Werkheiser ’81 Bus 2,618
  William J. Cluck ’82 Com 2,299
  David S. Cavanaugh ’76 A&A 2,094
  Lynn Kennedy Cruser ’83 Bus 1,938
  Darryl E. Bundrige ’93 Com 1,928
  Patricia M. Thompson ’86, ’08g Edu 1,820
  Wendy E. Braund ’01 Hershey 1,699
  Roxanne C. Shiels ’90, ’93g Agr 1,583
  M. Liz Bligan ’81 Sci, ’98g IDF 1,546
  David W. Ulmer ’01, ’08g Bus 1,537
  Shawn M. Hinkle ’01 Berks 1,498
  Joelyn Beneigh Niggel ’74 Nurs 1,391
  Martin R. Mc Gann ’76 A&A, ’87g Hbg 1,356
  Richard D. Randall ’71 Eng 1,328
  Beverly D. Sobel-Redler ’85 Lib 1,308
  Richard A. Booth ’59 Agr 1,260
  Christopher M. Bogden ’91 Eng 1,241
  Ronald R. Musoleno ’73, ’76g Edu 1,098
  John C. Perate ’96 Bus 1,056
  Christina L. Santacroce ’88 Bus 1,000
  Dan A. Woods ’69 Bus 983
  James J. Hummel ’95 EMS 978

*Results posted June 1, 2015; 7,587 voted out of 136,059 eligible voters (5.58%). The election was administered and results were certified by Votenet Solutions, Inc.

Ten elected alumni and 10 appointed members will begin three-year terms July 1 on the Penn State Alumni Association’s governing body, Alumni Council.

Results of the 2015 Alumni Council elections were announced on June 1. Newly elected Alumni Council members, along with their vote totals, are David J. Paterno (5,135), Elizabeth Ann R. Morgan (3,657), Bradley J. Mitchell (3,274), Karen E. Keller (3,042), Susan Beck Wilson (3,028), Laurie Anne Stanell (2,943), Michael S. Kirschner (2,941), M. Toni Knoll (2,856), James H. Smith (2,658) and Gary L. Werkheiser (2,618). Each of these 10 alumni will serve a three-year term from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2018.

Of the 136,059 eligible voters, 7,587 voted, for a voting percentage of 5.58 percent. The 2015 turnout was a slight increase from last year’s participation of 5.31 percent. The election was administered and results were certified by Votenet Solutions Inc., of Washington, D.C.

Also, in accordance with the organization’s bylaws, the officers of the Alumni Association have appointed 10 members to serve a three-year term on Alumni Council, beginning July 1, 2015, through June 30, 2018. Newly appointed Alumni Council members are (in alphabetical order) Wendy E. Braund, Darryl E. Bundrige, Meeten V. Doshi, Anand Ganjam, Shawn M. Hinkle, Nuria A. Rodriguez Padro, Kerrilane Clark Prunella, Gregory J. Sam, Roxanne C. Shiels, and David W. Ulmer.

“Each of the new appointees brings considerable leadership experience with the Alumni Association and a strong record of commitment to our mission, goals, and programs,” said incoming President Kevin R. Steele. “Equally important, and in concert with our diversity goals and bylaws criteria, we were able to appoint new members of diverse backgrounds that reflect underrepresented student and alumni communities.”

Alumni Council is an all-volunteer governing body that advises and guides the Penn State Alumni Association on programs and initiatives that uphold its mission of service and support to Penn State. Alumni members of the Alumni Association are eligible to vote in the annual election, which takes place online.

For a brief biography about each new Alumni Council member, click here.

For more information about the Alumni Association or its Alumni Council governing board, visit

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