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Alumni Council Elections


2014 Election Results*

  Newly Elected Alumni Council Members Votes
  Kristen McMullen ’89 H&HD 3,449
  Lisa Todd Hart ’97 Eng 3,407
  Deborah Casamassa Beidel ’76 Lib 3,287
  Karen Kalenak Sweeney ’80 Eng 2,923
  Kathleen G. Hume ’96g Bus 2,601
  Randolph B. Houston Jr. ’91 Lib 2,484
  Martin R. Cepeda Jr. ’05 Bus 2,304
  Whitney Stringer ’07 Lib 2,207
  Thomas E. Kapelewski ’82 Eng 2,078
  Michael F. Catino ’70 Eng 2,006
  Newly Appointed Alumni Council Members
  Shawn Manderson ’03 IST
  Ivan E. Santos ’90 Bus
  Bradford M. Simpson ’03 Lib, ’06g HBG

*Results posted June 1, 2014; 7,152 voted out of 134,780 eligible voters (5.31%). The election was administered and results were certified by Votenet Solutions, Inc.

Each spring, 10 of the 86 seats on Alumni Council are up for election. All alumni members of the Alumni Association are eligible to vote. The 2014 election took place online May 13–31, and results were announced June 1. Ballots and voting instructions were emailed in early May to all alumni members for whom the Alumni Association has an email address.


Who can vote in the Alumni Council election?
Any alumni member of the Alumni Association for whom we have an email address is eligible to vote. If you do not receive our monthly e-newsletter AlumnInsider or emails about our events and programs, we probably do not have your email address on file. You can add or update your email address—or other information such as your street mailing address—online.

Who can run for Alumni Council?
Any alumni member of the Penn State Alumni Association.

What is the process for candidacy?
The Alumni Council election cycle begins each June. Interested alumni can download a PDF of the nomination form once it's posted online or request a form by calling Volunteer Services at 800-548-LION (5466), option 3. Completed nomination forms are due Oct. 1. The Alumni Council Nominating Committee then reviews and approves all qualified candidates. The slate of candidates is then presented to Executive Board and Alumni Council. Candidates are notified and Alumni Association staff works with candidates to procure bio information, photos, and position statements for use on the ballot. The election takes place each May.

Is the Alumni Council election the same as the Penn State Board of Trustees election?
No. These two elections are both held in the spring and Alumni Association members are eligible to vote in each, but otherwise they are completely separate elections for very different governing bodies. Information about the Penn State Board of Trustees members and its election process is available on the BOT website.

Does the Alumni Association endorse any alumni candidates for the Alumni Council or Board of Trustees election?
No. Alumni Association policy is to refrain from publicly endorsing, supporting, or campaigning to elect individual candidates to the University's Board of Trustees or to Alumni Council. The Alumni Association position is that all alumni candidates running for Penn State's Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association's Alumni Council are worthy of consideration; thus the Alumni Association would not dictate a specific candidate(s) to its large and diverse body of alumni. Alumni groups affiliated with the Alumni Association also refrain from endorsing specific candidates. The Alumni Association does promote the full slate of candidates for each election in order to encourage greater alumni participation in both elections and encourages its affiliate groups to do the same.

Contact Volunteer Services at or 800-548-LION (5466), option 3.

When is the 2015 Alumni Council election?
Voting will take place in May 2015. Voting instructions for the online election will be emailed to Alumni Association alumni members in early May.

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