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Alumni Council Elections


2015 Alumni Council Candidates

  M. Liz Bligan ’81 Sci, ’98g IDF
  Christopher M. Bogden ’91 Eng
  Richard A. Booth ’59 Agr
  Wendy E. Braund ’01 Hershey
  Darryl E. Bundrige ’93 Com
  David S. Cavanaugh ’76 A&A
  William J. Cluck ’82 Com
  Lynn Kennedy Cruser ’83 Bus
  Shawn M. Hinkle ’01 Berks
  James J. Hummel ’95 EMS
  Karen E. Keller ’00 Sci
  Michael S. Kirschner ’66 Bus
  M. Toni Knoll ’70 Lib
  Martin R. Mc Gann ’76 A&A, ’87g Hbg
  Bradley J. Mitchell ’84 Eng
  Elizabeth Ann R. Morgan ’87 Sci
  Ronald R. Musoleno ’73, ’76g Edu
  Joelyn Beneigh Niggel ’74 Nurs
  David J. Paterno ’88, ’91g Eng
  John C. Perate ’96 Bus
  Richard D. Randall ’71 Eng
  Christina L. Santacroce ’88 Bus
  Roxanne C. Shiels ’90, ’93g Agr
  James H. Smith ’88, ’92g Eng
  Beverly D. Sobel-Redler ’85 Lib
  Laurie Anne Stanell ’80 Sci
  Patricia M. Thompson ’86, ’08g Edu
  David W. Ulmer ’01, ’08g Bus
  Gary L. Werkheiser ’81 Bus
  Susan Beck Wilson ’71 Edu
  Dan A. Woods ’69 Bus

Each spring, 10 of the 86 seats on Alumni Council are up for election. All alumni members of the Alumni Association are eligible to vote. The 2015 election will take place online May 12–31, and results will be announced June 1. Final ballots and voting instructions will be emailed on May 12 to all alumni members for whom the Alumni Association has an email address.

This year, the Nominating Committee of Alumni Council received an unprecedented volume of nominations. The committee reviewed materials for 44 candidates and, after two nominees withdrew, approved 30 of the remaining candidates. Two additional candidates were added in March. Criteria used by the committee can be found here.

In accordance with our bylaws, and at the spring Alumni Council meeting on April 17, 2015, the Nominating Committee considered additional nominations by council members from the floor for potential candidates whose nominations had not previously been submitted. One new nomination was received, subsequently reviewed by the Nominating Committee using the same criteria, and approved for addition to the ballot, which occurred on May 1. In addition, two other candidates withdrew.

Voting for the election begins on Tuesday, May 12, ending at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, May 31. Candidates’ position statements will be posted to this page when the election opens. Voting information and ballots will be sent when voting opens on May 12 to all alumni members of the Alumni Association for whom we have an email address.

Alumni Association policy is to refrain from publicly endorsing, supporting, or campaigning to elect individual candidates to its Alumni Council. The Alumni Association’s position as a service organization and a 501(c)(3) entity is that all alumni candidates on the final ballot are worthy of consideration; thus the Alumni Association would not endorse a specific candidate(s) to its large and diverse body of alumni. Alumni groups affiliated with the Alumni Association also refrain from endorsing individual candidates for election.

Email Address Updates
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For help with technical questions related to your ballot or the election website, contact our election partner, Votenet Solutions, at 866-307-0041 or General election questions can be directed to our Volunteer Services team at or 800-548-LION (5466), option 3.

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